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Red Skye Comics Character and Cover Art Contest - Submit Your Artwork to Be A Featured Artist!

Red Skye Comics Character and Cover Art Contest! We receive hundreds of inquiries and art submissions every week from artists all over the world. Most of them want to know how to be featured in Red Skye Comics and on our website. This year, we offer, once again, a chance for all artists to shine! We have begun our Red Skye Comics Character and Cover Art Contest!! (Agent Nika by Jim Polpiboon) ONLY The best artists and their work will be selected in the first set of submissions as determined by our editors, staff and/or online reviews.   If you’re an artist/illustrator that would like to submit illustrations of Red Skye Comics Characters or covers to be included in the Red Skye Website, Blogs and Social Media,  go to the Red Skye Comics character page for character profiles at:   Illustrate one or more of our characters (Pencils, Inks, Paint and/or Color. ALL STYLES AND MEDIUMS ACCEPTABLE.) Up to 3