Monday, November 11, 2013

American Star by Darin Greaves - Poster Prints

Available Now: American Star by Darin Greaves - Poster Prints

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American Star by Darin Greaves - Glossy Poster Print (11x14) - ONLY: $14.99


American Star by Darin Greaves - Glossy Poster Print (18x24) - ONLY: $49.99


Artist Bio: I’ve drawn a lot of different subject matter over the years. A reoccurring favourite is certainly something that involves a pinup. It can include a range anywhere from comical, assertive, delicate, glamorous, docile, elegant, sincere, gritty... there are so many possibilities. It’s just fun.

As far as influences, Olivia de Berardinis is the first artist back in the 1980’s that I was exposed to in terms of pinup. I remember thinking, I’d love to be able to do that!

I will persist to develop a body of work which reflects that which I have most fun creating. I want to push myself to gain more expertise and refinement in the images produced so far.

In the future I want to create a kind of story through a diversity of sketches and illustration. Kind of like what Luis Royo did with Dead Moon... kind of a hybrid project.



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