Featured Model: Nicole Chauvet

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I am an actress and model, born in Los Angeles, California. I have earned a bachelor's degree in the Social Sciences from the University of Maryland. I believe that it is important to take something positive from every experience, and I hope to become a mentor for today's youths. I am very creative and enjoy spending my spare time practicing yoga and painting. I enjoy helping other's creative ideas come to life. I love story lines that involve solving crimes/ mysteries as well as fighting evil. Being a superhero has always been one of my dreams. I appreciate any opportunity that can fulfill this fantasy.
It is my personal goal to live each day as it were my last, making the most out of life. It's my dream to continue to travel the world and experience the different cultures that make us so different, yet fascinating and fun to learn about. I am hoping that my career will contribute to me reaching these goals.

websites: http://www.facebook.com/nechauvet



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