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My name is Judy Kelly, at 43, I don't take myself too seriously. However, I am in LoVe with "PiNuP, ReTro, & Old Hollywood" photography. And I occasionally take on a project. It doesn't pay the bills, but it sure is fun. It goes without saying, I fancy Holiday themed stuff. : )

I'm a contradiction...in every possible way
I like to think of myself as the Fabulously Forty-Something Girl Next Door ~ but with curves. I'm half Czech & half Polish. I have three tattoos, I love the Chicago Cubs, Old Hollywood, Vintage Glamour, Halloween, Old Cemeteries, Pit Bulls and Vargas Pinups. Im no pushover & can't be bought, I could care less about material possessions, so spare me. It takes more then a compliment to win me over. I'm fiercely independent, very private & take advice from NO ONE. I love humility & loathe braggarts! I am interested in photography that shows the beauty of retro/vintage pinup work. We all have insecurities, and I am trying to see past that, and learn to embrace myself in my forties. I love all "Vintage" photography 1930-1960's. But my true love lies in a beautiful smile, great facial expression, shiny hair and flawless makeup. I just adore Retro Pinup Photography. I believe our fate lies in the way we treat our animals, and I support pit bull advocacy. My favorite breed is a RESCUE ! And I would love to eventually do work to help promote the misunderstood breed. : )
Xo J

websites:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Judy-Kelly-PiNuP-PaGe/211146222307195



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