Featured Model: Aly Milph

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Important Vitals

34 DD-24-34
118 lbs
Hair – blond
Eyes – green
Size 4
Size 9 ½ shoe
Sign – Gemini/Cancer cusp
Born & raised Texas Girl
Home to me now – Arizona
Kids – of course – I’m the milf with the most!
Pets – Dog Rosie & Rabbit Onyx

Music – Rock n Roll
Movies – Comedies! Reno 911, Zack & Miriam make a Porno- love to laugh!
Activities – Sex, sex & more sex.
Hobbies – Painting, Photography, Writing & did I mention Sex?
Junk Foods – Cotton Candy, Pizza, French Fries
PJ’s – anything goes – I always end up in nothing anyway ; )
Useless interesting Aly Facts – I love magic shows & I love to play with bubbles.

Man in Boxers or Briefs - Boxers
Heels or sneakers - Sexy High Heels
Bike or Car - Back of a bad ass bike or driving a fast sports car!
Thong or G string - Either Or
Work or Play - I play when I work :)
Tomboy or Glamour Girl - A little of both!

I’m a small town Texas girl. I was born & raised in Fort Worth, TX. Not too long after graduating high school, I realized there was more to life than TX, so I took off to California. This was an eye opening experience indeed! I spent a few unforgettable years in Ca, living life to the fullest one might say. I eventually made my way to Arizona, & decided to stick around. It’s nice, I like it here. However, I do love adventure & I welcome new journeys, so you just never know where the road may take me next. : )

Andrew Blake Productions, Roller Coasters, Surprises, Magic, Intimate conversations, Sunsets, Thunderstorms, Halloween, Falling stars, candle light & exploring my sexuality & experimenting with my sexual desires

Milk, Spiders, smacking, dishes in the sink, rudeness, being taken for granted, judgmental behavior, selfishness

Secrets to staying happy
Always offer help & give to others and Laugh- A LOT! As much as possible. It really is the best medicine. Your sense of humor will keep you sane. : )

Success is
True peaceful happiness. When you can relax and stop searching & just “be”. Be at peace with yourself & with others, learn to live in this moment, not the past or future, and enjoy yourself & all the many little things, life has to offer. Finally becoming conscious. Watching my son grow into such a wonderful young man, seeing him confident & chasing his dreams, knowing he can do anything he wants in this world


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