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I am a happily married mother of one, lover of life and art, incessant goofball and all around easy going person, who by an unexpected turn on this road called 'life', has stepped into the world of modeling!

After battling cancer, and a heart condition, I have decided to use my body that is so determined to fail me, for the purpose of bringing beauty and light into a world filled with hatred, stereotypes, and narrow-mindedness, with a sultry look in my eyes, a country road worth of curves, and a pair of heels for every day of the year.
I have worked with some incredible artists and fashion designers, as well as being the only plus size model on the runway, on two separate occasions.

My greatest happiness comes from the ones I love the most. I am such a fortunate person to have a handful of people whom I would give my life for. My darling husband, my blessed gift (my son), my Polar Bear, my SugarPlum, and my Baybee. These pieces of me make me whole.

My parents will forever be my greatest inspiration in my life, as they made sure I knew they were always proud of every breath I have taken. They allowed me to be myself, while teaching me to be the very best by their example.
Modeling brings me great joy, as I find myself more and more when I step in front of that lens, or onto that runway.

I have been to the edge and back.

I have embraced my curves.

Love me or hate me, I am here to stay!

websites: http://www.facebook.com/jolee.bee



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