Featured Model: Gabby Grave

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Hi, my name is Gabby and I am an aspiring special effects artist who loves to model. In my field of work I specialize in special effects make up which includes monster, character, gore, and beauty make up. I consider myself to be an overall artistic, eccentric and original individual, ready to take on any artistic vision. My inspirations include Masuimi Max, photographer Winky Tiki and Dita Von Teese. My style is wide ranged and includes, but is not limited to; Gothic & Fetish, Victorian, high fashion, pinup, glamour,cheesecake, gore, horror, noir themes, haut couture, the macabre, prosthetics, masks. My immediate goals encompass making the cover of the above mentioned genre of magazines; surrealist, dadaist, post moderist, fetishistic fine art, victorian, couture post goth. Pay. Custom corset and latex clothing.





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