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My name is Tricia Kelsey. I’m a firm believer that in order to be happy in life you must follow the passion that is in your heart. I work in the banking & finance industry. Some of my hobbies include, marathon running, writing, and baking. I’ve only recently started to pursue my dream of modeling. Ever since I was a little girl I loved to go through magazines and look at the models, I’d study their hair make up, clothing, facial expressions, etc. I wanted to be beautiful like them. I’ve found power in confidence and the ability to pursue my dreams. I like to model because it makes me feel beautiful. Modeling gives me the freedom to let go of the monotony of the every day. For the moments that I’m in front of the camera I get to be a character, and it’s fun to escape and play. I plan to continue this journey and hope that I can inspire others to find the courage to pursue their dreams.

When you follow the passion that gives your life purpose the path it takes you down will never be misleading.

websites: http://facebook.com/tricia.kelsey


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