Featured Model: Rachel Riddle

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Hey ya'll! I am an All-American girl, born in Barrington, Illinois who is proud of the goals I have accomplished in my dream of modeling! I absolutely love the feeling of accomplishment and overwhelming sense of power you obtain after a photoshoot, event, or anything of that sort. It has always been my dream to achieve higher goals in my modeling, and one of them is to be featured in an Awesome Comic Book! such as this one!! :) I have gone through a lot in my experience with modeling, but each time I want to push farther and farther with my goals. A magazine would be nice! ;) This is just a wonderful hobby I cherish and I live each day like its my last. If you have a dream or life goals in this lifetime, Just Do It!

Website: http://www.modelmayhem.com/portfolio/1237025


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