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About Stacey Renee: I work for Anti-Social Publications and I am the founder of The Petite Alternative Magazine, Tattoo Envy Magazine and Goomah Magazine. Anti-Social Publications is the first publishing company to promote diversity in today's society. Here at ASP we view difference as a beautiful approach to more modern times. Our goal is to create a solid platform for all within the modeling and entertainment industries. ASP currently runs three publications with a fourth on the way. We also provide calendars, posters, books and merchandise. Our company plans to add even more as time allows us to grow. 

ASP, would like to thank all of our participants, supporters and contributors for keeping our publications running strong. We appreciate all of those who encourage and promote our cause. Please continue to help us go viral and spread the word of change! Anti-Social is a leading publication company that emphasizes and promotes beauty in a non-discriminatory manor. We believe in fighting for a cause thus our publications all lead with strong missions.

Along with ASP, I not only model but fight for the rights of equality within the modeling and fashion industries. I encourage and promote petite modeling and fashion along with being a mentor and spokeswomen for individuals who are modified. I believe that beauty is everywhere and it should be expressed on and individual basis. Some of the companies I have modeled for and promoted are Wisconsion Skinny, Zeplo Designs and Fantazy Workz Studios. My goals are ongoing and continue to progress as the industry changes. I believe that Red Skye Comics is a fantastic company and follows suit with my mission. This is a company that uses and creates stunning comics out of diverse people. I would be proud to be a part of their creations as well as help promote their merchandise as well. All proceeds made from the sales of my items here at Red Skye will be donated and used to promote petite modeling and change to industry standards. Thank you!

Find Anti-Social Here: www.antisocialpublications.com

E-MAIL INFORMATION TO: redskyecomics@hotmail.com





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