Thursday, October 6, 2011

Featured Model: Kimberly-Dare Amerson

Available Now: Kimberly-Dare Amerson - Comic Book, Poster and Cards

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Kimberly-Dare Amerson - Comic Book: $2.99


Kimberly-Dare Amerson - Picture Trading Cards (8-Card Set): $3.99


Kimberly-Dare Amerson - Model 11x14 Glossy Poster Print: $14.99


I'm Kimberly-Dare and I am 18 years old. I just moved to the beach to go to college and start new. Modeling is my escape from reality. I like to mix it up and not just be a 'stick' model. I have curves and personality, I like to shoot creative shoots, not just the standard, 'pose and smile'. It is my passion and my dream! I am a face to be remembered. :)



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