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About Jessica: I live in Redondo Beach California, and I’m a Southern California girl through and through.
I’m 26 years old and I am a Swimwear, Fitness and Fashion model.

I am very athletic and I
very much enjoy weight training and boxing. I try to live a healthy lifestyle so you can usually find me in a local gym during the week here in So. Cal or Rollerblading and hiking on the weekends.
Even though I love being healthy and working out I love to go party at the clubs and have a few drinks while letting loose on the dance floor. Needless to say if you see me in Vegas I will be up on a stage somewhere or dancing with one of the local Go-Go dancers. I feel alive when I am dancing!

I love being in front of the camera and at the center of attention. It’s wonderful to go on location for a shoot whether it be in the desert or at the beach. I love to travel, so when a client has me fly out to another state for a shoot I get really excited to see new cities.

I am a bit of an adrenaline junkie and I love to drive fast, go surfing or go bungee jumping. Basically anything that makes my heart jump is something that I really enjoy.
I am not your typical girly girl. When I go shopping I have the items I need in mind and I get in and out of the store and I only get what I need. I am not Ms. Priss so you wont catch me at the salon getting a facial or my nails done.

I love sports, playing and watching. I like gangster and action movies not romantic comedies..lol

I’m a pretty simple woman. I know what I like and stay away from the pressures from people wanting me to do things I don’t like. Every day is a ride in life for me and I try to maximize every moment of my day so that when I rest my head at night I feel confident that I am making the most of my life.




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