Featured Model: Norell

Available Now: Norell - Comic Book, Poster and Cards

My name is Norell, I am 21 years old and I love to model, sing and perform. Other hobbies include reading, learning, cooking, making jewelry, painting, photography, as well as meditating and exercising to keep my mind, body and spirit in the best shape possible.

My goal is to create music that moves and inspires many. I hope to be viewed as an icon that people look up to with respect, awe, and admiration; but also someone that others feel they can relate to--we are never alone as we feel we are. My goals in life are to create beautiful art and music, inspire and invoke positive change, and be happy, healthy and successful.

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Norell - Venus Comic Book: $2.99


Norell Picture Trading Cards (8-Card Set): $3.99


Norell - 11x14 Glossy Poster Print: $14.99



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