Featured Model: Julie Ann

Available Now: Julie Ann - Comic Book, Poster and Cards

Julie Ann is originally from Australia, but now living in Los Angeles! She is an experienced and PROFESSIONAL MODEL, ACTRESS, SINGER, DANCER, CHOREOGRAPHER, DANCE TEACHER, COSTUME/SUIT OPERATOR and now most recently HOST/INTERVIEWER who has worked in both London and Australia and now splits her time working between Los Angeles and Las Vegas on various TV, runway, Go-Go, promotional, photographic and catalog projects and interviewing/hosting on the red carpet at special events.

 She has super fun and easy going personality, likes to make work a fun and enjoyable experience, but is also serious and very focused on the task at hand. Julie Ann loves being creative and unique; she's pretty open minded to new ideas and will always see the positive in every situation!

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Julie Ann - Angel of Fate Comic Book: $2.99


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Julie Ann - 11x14 Glossy Poster Print: $14.99



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