Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Featured Icon: Dorian Dennis – Burlesque Performer

When you look at photos of Dorian Dennis, you get a sneaking suspicion that she is the spider and you a juicy fly that just landed into her web. In one magazine, she is quoted as saying, "You can have the 'goody-and-sweet' type. It's the mean gal's role that pays."

This raven-haired dame made a name for herself working the burlesque circuit under the banner of "Dee-Dee" which was shorthand for both her name and also stood for "Double Dynamite." "Double Dynamite" being a name that spoke more to the TNT she had packed into that 39 inch bust of hers rather than her explosive dance routines. But there is also a bit of irony in her nickname, since she didn't start dancing until after she got a degree in chemistry from New York University.

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