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Cosplay Girl: The Corpse Bride

The Corpse Bride


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Cosplay Girl: Scarlet Witch

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Cosplay Girl: Invisible Woman - Tanya Tate

Invisible Woman by Tanya Tate

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Featured Model: Angelina Brooke

Available Now: Angelina Brooke Comic Book, Poster and Cards

"I consider myself to be super easy to work with and very laid back. I've been modeling for about 5 years now and you can see my work anywhere from Seventeen Magazine, True Horror Magazine, Liquor promos, Hair Salons, Pageants and more." - Angelina Brooke

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Featured Model: Misty J Neilson

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Featured Model: Shelby SinClaire

Available Now: Shelby SinClaire - Comic Book, Poster and Cards

I'm 25 years young I model for the Diamond Dolls 916 also SG and do promo modeling. I am also a full time bartender at a punk rock bar I have 14 tats and counting:) i'm into fast cars and boy's that drive them I also love video games and my two dogs... xoxo - Shelby SinClaire

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Featured Model: Missy Lynn

Available Now: Missy Lynn - Comic Book, Poster and Cards

I started modeling as a muse for my friend's photo class. I found I really enjoyed being in front of a camera. I have taken every opportunity to better my portfolio since then and can't wait to keep going and turn it into a career! - Missy Lynn

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Missy Lynn - Dominatrix Comic Book: $2.99


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Featured Model: Natasha

Available Now: Natasha Comic Book, Poster and Cards

I am new to the modeling industry. I would like to do more pin up, glamour, and fitness modeling. So far, I have been featured with Ranalli models, and am also trying to do more promotional modeling with local events in my area. I attend ASU and am going to school for concurrent degrees in nutrition and biochemistry. - Natasha

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Featured Model: Aileen Garvin

Available Now: Aileen Garvin Comic Book, Poster and Cards

"I just recently got into modeling and I love being in front of the camera, working with new photographers, and getting into character to capture the perfect shot. By day, I am a college senior studying Psychology and I work in prison. Yes, you read that correctly. I conduct inmates' psychological evaluations in an all-male, maximum security facility in northern Massachusetts. By night, I am a go-go dancer at a prominent salsa club in Boston, dancing undercover, fending off crime, and protecting the city from evil-doers.." - Aileen Garvin

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Featured Model: Elle Renee

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Featured Model: Deanna Orlando

Available Now: Deanna Orlando Comic Book, Poster and Cards

"I am 21 years old and I have been modeling for about a year now. I am very open minded and want as many styles of modeling in my portfolio as I can get. I am bubbly, personable, and easy to work with!" - Deanna Orlando

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Featured Model: Stefanie Longo

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Featured Model: Maryellen Murphy

Available Now: Maryellen Murphy - Comic Book, Poster and Cards

I grew up in front of the camera. Having a photographer for a father, I quickly learned not only how to use a camera but be best captured by one. As an adult, I have had the opportunity to work with amazing and talent photogs looking to build their portfolios and break into the industry. - Maryellen Murphy

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Maryellen Murphy - Scarlet Chase - Comic Book: $2.99


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Featured Model: American Kiwi

Available Now: American Kiwi Comic Book, Poster and Cards

"I'm new to modeling but my mother was a model and I have a high appreciation for the industry. I believe modeling, like most things, is a business and our bodies are manifestations of art. I'm passionate about modeling but about many other things as well. I am a very fit person. I love tennis, ashtanga yoga, and long distance running. I am a premedical student hoping to one day become a psychiatrist. Modeling is mostly a hobby I have. I am formerly and severely opposed to models who feel the need to malnourish themselves for this industry. It is a business and depriving your body of nutrients is a fail both at beauty and life." - American Kiwi

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Featured Model: AmberLeah

Available Now: AmberLeah Comic Book, Poster and Cards

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Featured Model: Christina Nicol

Available Now: Christina Nicol - Comic Book, Poster and Cards

"I am Eager to work in a variety of environments, for various purposes. Versatile and adaptable. Experience includes: Hair shows, Online corporate training video acting roles, Tattoo artist photoshoots, Spokesmodel for online Men's magazine, Model for Hip Hop artist photoshoots and videos, Promotional/Spokesmodel for Hip Hop artist, Nude/Figure modeling. With a background in dance: Ballet and gymnastics training as an adolescent. African derived dance training as an adult (incl. Afro-Haitian, Afro-Cuban, Afro-Brazilian, Afro-Modern, West African, Congolese). Some Hip Hop training. Some Modern training. Some Bellydance training. Interested in performing burlesque, freestyle, and interpretive. Have performed at a variety of venues and events." - Christina Nicol

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Featured Model: Sarah Murphy

Available Now: Sarah Murphy Comic Book, Poster and Cards

"I am an aspiring model. I have modeled for Junior Drake in Santa Monica and also modeled a bridal dress at Venice Beach for a few photographers to help them add to their portfolios as well as my own. I hope to grow as a model and hopefully raise enough money for my father, so that he will be able to walk properly again. He also used to tell my brothers  and me about taking us to Ireland and showing us our heritage. I would really like to see that happen." - Sarah Murphy

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Sarah Murphy - Star Ranger Comic Book: $2.99


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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Featured Icon: Elaine Stewart

Elaine Stewart (May 31, 1930 – June 27, 2011) was an American actress and model.

Stewart made her debut by winning Miss See in See Magazine in 1952, with measurements 34-25-36. She was in many magazines such as Playboy and Photoplay.

She had a supporting role in The Bad and the Beautiful (1952), as Laila. She appeared in other films, such as Brigadoon, Night Passage and The Adventures of Hajji Baba.

She is also known as the co-hostess on two 1970s game shows, Gambit with Wink Martindale and the nighttime edition of High Rollers with Alex Trebek, both produced by her husband.


Friday, June 24, 2011

Featured Icon: Dolores del Río

Dolores del Río (August 3, 1904 – April 11, 1983) was a Mexican film actress. She was a star of Hollywood films during the silent era and in the Golden Age of Hollywood. Later in life, she became an important actress in Mexican films. She was generally thought to be one of the most beautiful actresses of her era, and was the first Latin American movie star to have international appeal.

In the Silent film era, Del Rio was considered a counterpart to Rudolph Valentino. With the arrival of the talkies, she became one of the principal Art Deco symbols of beauty. Del Río was one of the principal stars of Mexican films during the Golden Age of Mexican cinema in the 1940s and 1950s. She was frequently called the "Princess of México".

In 1930, she married Cedric Gibbons, one of MGM's leading art directors and production designers, whom she met at a party organized by William Randolph Hearst and Marion Davies at Hearst Castle. Her presence in Hollywood of the thirties is not just limited to the world of cinema, also the high society circles. The Gibbons-Del Río house in Hollywood was a frequent meeting place from personalities like Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich, Errol Flynn, Lili Damita, Clark Gable and many more.

With the advent of talkies, she was relegated to exotic and unimportant roles. The Hollywood executives sought "do not talk too much at her movies", because of her Latin accent. She scored successes with Bird of Paradise (1932), directed by King Vidor. The film was produced by David O. Selznick that request the script to King Vidor and say: "I want Del Rio in a love story in the South Seas. I don't care the script, but in the end, Del Rio should be thrown into a volcano". The film scandalized audiences when she took a naked swim with Joel McCrea. This film was made before the Hays Code was enacted so nudity could be shown. Next she filmed Flying Down to Rio (the film that first paired Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers) (1933); Madame Du Barry (1934) and Wonder Bar (1934).

Later, del Rio starred in the Busby Berkeley comedies In Caliente (1935) and I Live for Love (1935), but she refused to participate in the film Viva Villa! (Fay Wray took her place). Dolores described the film as an "Anti-Mexican movie".

In 1934, Dolores del Río was one of the victims of the "open season" of the "reds" in Hollywood. With James Cagney, Ramón Novarro and Lupe Vélez, she was accused of promoting communism in California. Twenty years later this would have consequences on her career.

In the late thirties, del Río's career declined. With the support of Warner Bros. she made a series of police films (such as Lancer Spy in 1937 and International Settlement in 1938). But del Río's career in the later 1930s unfortunately suffered from too many exotic, two-dimensional roles designed with Hollywood's cliched ideas of ethnic minorities in mind. She was marked as "box office poison" by exhibitors, along with actresses such as Katharine Hepburn, Mae West, Marlene Dietrich and Joan Crawford.

In 1940, Dolores met Orson Welles, who at that time was new to Hollywood. Feeling a mutual attraction, the couple began a romance. Welles fell madly in love with her. Reportedly, the affair was the cause of her divorce from Gibbons in 1941. Dolores del Río was with Welles for two years, during which he was at the peak of his career. She was at his side during the filming of Citizen Kane, and during the attacks of Randolph Hearst against him. Welles initially directed del Río in the Mexican film Santa, but the project was cancelled.[9] The film directed by Norman Foster was realized later by the Mexican actress Esther Fernández.

Dolores also accompanied Welles in vaudeville shows across the United States. She collaborated with Welles in the film Journey into Fear in 1942. After Welles broke from RKO, del Río sympathized with him, though her character (a sexy leopard-woman) in the film, was reduced.


VIDEO: Movie Legends - Dolores Del Rio

Featured Icon: Yvonne De Carlo

Yvonne De Carlo (September 1, 1922 – January 8, 2007) was a Canadian-born American actress of film and television. During her six-decade career, her most frequent appearances in film came in the 1940s and 1950s and included her best-known film roles, such as of Anna Marie in Salome Where She Danced (1945); Anna in Criss Cross (1949); Sephora the wife of Moses in The Ten Commandments (1956), starring Charlton Heston; and Amantha Starr in Band of Angels (1957) with Clark Gable. In the early 1960s, De Carlo accepted the offer to play Lily Munster for the CBS television series The Munsters, alongside Fred Gwynne and Al Lewis.

Her break came in 1945 playing the title role in Salome, Where She Danced. Though not a critical success, it was a box office favorite, and De Carlo was hailed as an up-and-coming star. Of the role, she was less sure, saying of her entrance, "I came through these beaded curtains, wearing a Japanese kimono and a Japanese headpiece, and then performed a Siamese dance. Nobody seemed to know quite why."

In 1947 she played her first leading role in Slave Girl and then in 1949 had her biggest success. As the female lead opposite Burt Lancaster in Criss Cross, she played a femme fatale, and her career began to ascend. She starred in the 1953 film The Captain's Paradise, as one of two wives a ship captain (Alec Guinness) keeps in separate ports. Cast in The Ten Commandments (1956) in a leading role as Sephora, Moses' wife (a role originally chosen for Anne Baxter), De Carlo became part of a major hit. The 1957 film Band of Angels featured her opposite Clark Gable in an American Civil War story, along with Sidney Poitier and Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. The actress worked steadily for the next several years, although many of the films failed to advance her career.

VIDEO: Movie Legends - Yvonne De Carlo

Featured Icon: Dorothy Lamour

Dorothy Lamour (December 10, 1914 – September 22, 1996) was an American film actress. She is best-remembered for appearing in the Road to... movies, a series of successful comedies co-starring Bob Hope and Bing Crosby

In 1936, she moved to Hollywood and began appearing regularly in films for Paramount Pictures. The role that made her a star was Ulah (a sort of female Tarzan) in The Jungle Princess (1936). She wore a sarong, which would become associated with her. While she first achieved stardom as a sex symbol, Lamour also showed talent as both a comic and dramatic actress. She was among the most popular actresses in motion pictures from 1936 to 1952.

She starred in the "Road to..." movie series with Bing Crosby and Bob Hope in the 1940s and 1950s. The movies were enormously popular during the 1940s, and they regularly placed among the top moneymaking films each year. While the films centered more on Hope and Crosby, Lamour held her own as their "straight man", looked beautiful, and sang some of her most popular songs. Her contribution to the films was considered by the public and theater owners of equal importance to that of Crosby and Hope during the series' golden era, 1940-1952. The series essentially ended with the release of Road to Bali in 1952, with her career declining while co-stars Hope and Crosby remained major show business figures.

During the World War II years, Lamour was among the most popular pinup girls among American servicemen, along with Betty Grable, Rita Hayworth, Lana Turner and Veronica Lake. Lamour was also largely responsible for starting up the war bond tours in which movie stars would travel the country selling U.S. government bonds to the public. Lamour alone promoted the sale of over $21 million dollars worth of war bonds, and other stars promoted the sale of a billion more.


VIDEO: Movie Legends - Dorothy Lamour

Featured Icon: Maria Montez

María Montez (June 6, 1912 – September 7, 1951) was a Dominican-born motion picture actress who gained fame and popularity in the 1940s as an exotic beauty starring in a series of filmed-in-Technicolor costume adventure films. Her screen image was that of a hot-blooded Latin seductress, dressed in fanciful costumes and sparkling jewels. She became so identified with these adventure epics that she became known as "The Queen of Technicolor." Over her career, Montez appeared in 26 films, 21 of which were made in North America and five in Europe.

Her beauty soon made her the centerpiece of Universal's Technicolor costume adventures, notably the six in which she was teamed with Jon Hall — Arabian Nights (1942), White Savage (1943), Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves (1944), Cobra Woman (1944), Gypsy Wildcat (1944), and Sudan (1945). Montez also appeared in the Technicolor western Pirates of Monterey (1947) with Rod Cameron and the sepia-toned swashbuckler The Exile (1948), directed by Max Ophuls and starring Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.


VIDEO: Movie Legends - Maria Montez

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Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 2009

AVAILABLE NOW: Sports Illustrated Magazine: Swimsuit 2009 featuring Bar Refaeli, Danica Patrick and More! 

Condition: NEW! No torn or Ripped Pages - No Labels!! 

ONLY: $4.99

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Inside the 2009 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, you'll find:

* THE ROOKIES: Meet the new faces in the SI Swimsuit family: Kim Cloutier, Cintia Dicker, Lucia Dvorska, Esti Ginzburg, Jessica Hart, Damaris Lewis, Ariel Meredith and Hilary Rhoda.

* OFF WE GO: Brooklyn Decker, Jarah Mariano, Bar Refaeli, Hilary Rhoda, Jessica White bring their distinct vibe to Canouan Island, in the Grenadines, the first stop on the ’09 Swimsuit tour.

* NAPLES: The Swimsuit odyssey continues to mystical lands where Roman, Mayan and Ottoman cultures once flourished, and to volcanic islands that were stepping stones to the New World. Amid treasures of the past are found pillars of modern beauty with Esti Ginzburg, Daniella Sarahyba and Irina Shayk.

* CAPPADOCIA: While eyeing a landscape marked by fairy chimneys, underground cities and colorful bazaars, consider the charms of Lucia Dvorska, Julie Henderson, Damaris Lewis and Anne V.

* BODY PAINTING: Take a guided tour of ancient civilizations that is anthropological, archaeological and topographical. It’s fascinating …really. Artiste extraordaire Joanne Gair explains the history behind her latest masterpieces on Brooklyn Decker, Julie Henderson, Irina Shayk and Jessica White.

* TENERIFE: On this rocky and rockin’ archipelago off of Africa, bikinied Cintia Dicker, Jessica Gomes and Tori Praver bring the magma to a boil.

* RIVIERA MAYA: Surrender yourself to the new conquistadoras – Kim Cloutier, Melissa Haro, Jessica Hart and Ariel Meredith - who stormed this lush coastal paradise and, not surprisingly, encountered little resistance.

* DAN PATRICK BRINGS BROOKLYN IN DA HOUSE: Four-time SI Swimsuit model Brooklyn Decker dishes on modeling, her man and men in Speedos with SI’s own Dan Patrick.


Kim Cloutier (cloo-tee-ay)

Brooklyn Decker

Cintia Dicker (sin-tia)

Lucia Dvorska (Lu-ch-ia Dvor-ska)

Rennio Maifredi Jessica Gomes (Go-mms)

Jessica Hart

Julie Henderson

Jarah Mariano (Jar-a)

Ariel Meredith Tori Praver (Pray-ver)

Bar Refaeli (Ra-fii-l-e)

Hilary Rhoda (road-a)

Daniella Sarahyba (dan-YELL-uh sara-YEE-buh)

Irina Shayk (eh-REE-nuh sh-ake)

Jessica White Anne V (Anne-vee)