Witchblade Vol 3 – DVD - Anime Series


Available Now: Witchblade, Vol. 3 – Anime Series DVD + 5 FREE Comics

ONLY: $7.99

Starring Jamie Marchi, Cherami Leigh, Mark Stoddard and Scott Hinze - (2007)

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 Product Description:

The New Breed Rises!
Shocking revelations threaten to undo Masane and every soul that surrounds her in this desperate age of fear and lust. The horrible X-Cons prove unthinkable abominations, and even Reina begins to question the blind passions of the past. Masane’s own relationship with Rihoko grows shakier with each gasp of air into her new warrior lungs. Mother and daughter sleep separated tonight, alone and disoriented in the frenzy surrounding their new lives. Amidst the threats to sanity and life and limb, friendship will prove a rare and valuable thing. As men move through the shadows to shape the world, an unquiet moon reflects the face of a mother lost.

Witchblade Volume 3 contains episodes 9-12: Sadness, Interaction, Danger and Prisoner.


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