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FEATURED BLOG: If ‘The Expendables’ Were Women by Paul Young

If ‘The Expendables’ Were Women by Paul Young July 8, 2010 | by Paul Young Originally Posted at: Sure, the guys in ‘The Expendables’ are all true butt-kickers… But what would an all-female team look like? Turns out, pretty awesome. In just a few weeks, the testosterone fest known as The Expendables hits theaters in a screen-rattling, action-packed, explosive extravaganza. I desperately want this movie to be as good as the trailers and clips have hinted at so far because if it isn’t, then it means that all the male action stars that I admired and enjoyed watching as a young kid and teenager have truly gone the way of the dodo. If that turns out to be the case, then action movie fans will have to muddle through brief glimpses of theatrical enjoyment from the likes of