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Pin-Up Artist Profile: Roy Best

Roy Best From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: Roy Best was an American illustrator and painter of pin-up art . He was born in Waverly, Ohio and attended the Art Institute of Cincinnati , working on a railroad construction crew to support himself. He later moved to Chicago, Illinois , and enrolled in the Art Institute there. Later, Best was represented in New York by American Artists . During this time he painted several covers for The Saturday Evening Post . By 1931, Best was painting pin-ups for the Joseph C. Hoover & Sons calendar company. That same year, he was commissioned by the Whitman Publishing Company to illustrate The Peter Pan Picture Book , based on J. M. Barrie's play Peter Pan; an illustration from this project was the basis for the Peter Pan Bus Lines logo. In 1942, Best was hired by Brown and Bigelow leading to a career producing calendar pin-ups.