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Classic Character Profiles: THE BLACK CAT

Many comic book buffs believe Wonder Woman was the first female character to wear what amounts to a bathing suit while doing superhero work. Actually, several characters are tied for that dubious distinction — Quality Comics' Phantom Lady and Wildfire; and Harvey's Black Cat, all of whom beat Wondy into print by four months. (And the only reason they qualify for the "honor" was because Quality's Miss America ( no relation ) didn't have a costume yet and the others that debuted in August, 1941, Holyoke's Miss Victory, Lev Gleason's Pat Patriot and Bell Features' Nelvana of the Northern Lights, wore just a little bit too much.) The Black Cat was Hollywood starlet Linda Turner, whose first adventure began when she suspected her director of being a Nazi spy. Trained as a stunt woman, she was an expert on Judo, motorcycle riding, lariat throwing, and other physical skills costumed crime fighters find handy; and her father, an amateur detec

Featured Model: Abigail Michelle

From the humble beginnings in the Midwest, Abigail Michelle is making her mark on the fashion, promotional, and import modeling scenes. The eldest daughter of Philippine-born parents, agency-represented and freelance model Abigail attributes her perseverance and strong work ethic to her mother and father. SPECIAL OFFER: Abigail Michelle Comic Book, 8 Trading Cards and 11x14 Poster - Combo Set - Available Now! ONLY: $14.99 To order your set, click “Add To Cart” below and follow the instructions thereafter: ================================ To view and order individual Abigail Michelle comic books, posters and trading cards exclusively available at Red Skye Comics go to: Career highlights for 2009 consist of a national ad campaign shoot for the appliance and electronics retailer hhgregg, filming for an Eli Lilly & Co. training video series, and features in numerous print and online publications. Abiga

Pin-Up Artist Profile: Earle K. Bergey (1901-1952)

Earle K. Bergey (August 26, 1901 – 1952) was an American illustrator who painted cover art for a wide diversity of magazines and paperback books. Today Bergey is best recognized for creating the iconic cover of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes for Popular Library at the height of his career in 1948. Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Bergey attended Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts from 1921 to 1926. He initially went to work in the art department of the Philadelphia's Public Ledger, and he drew the comic strip Deb Days in 1927. Early in his career, Bergey contributed many covers to the pulp magazines of publisher Fiction House. By the mid 1930s, Bergey made a home and studio in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and he married in 1935. Click Here To Read More >>>>

Featured Icons: Ann and Nancy Wilson (Heart) – Rock Music Pioneers

Heart is a rock band whose founding members came from Seattle, Washington, USA in the early 1970s. Going through several lineup changes, the only constant members of the group are sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson. The group rose to fame in the 1970s with their music being influenced by hard rock as well as folk music. After diminishing in popularity by the mid-1980s, the band created a major comeback in 1985, experiencing further success with their power ballads throughout the rest of the decade. By the mid-1990s, Heart left their 1980s' sound and went back to their hard rock roots which they continue to play today. To date, Heart has sold over 35 million albums worldwide. The Wilson sisters grew up in Southern California and Taiwan before their Marine Corps father retired to the Seattle suburbs. After Ann graduated from Sammamish High School in Bellevue, Washington, she joined Roger Fisher in the band Hocus Pocus where she met Roger's brother Mike in 1971, and followed him bac