Featured Model: Deanna Webb

“Presenting the very voluptuous DEANNA WEBB who is a Blonde Bombshell quickly establishing herself as a breathtaking model and actress. Look out for gorgeous DEANNA in the upcoming short film ‘DEAD CAT BOUNCE’ (don’t miss the trailer above). And is this girl versatile or what….she’s going to do horror and comedy too in 2010 and beyond.

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While Texas has its sizzling cuties, Californian girls (like DEANNA) embody the sun-kissed blonde vixens which guys everywhere (including myself) are forever thankful for….:) And I’ve never been to Hermosa Beach (only been to the nudie Bondi Beach in Australia…hehe) but if DEANNA’s going to be hanging around there…hmmm…I’ve got to try to take a pic with her someday soon. DEANNA WEBB is at the very cusp of stardom as an emerging actress having already dazzled the modeling world. Hey, you Hollywood bigwigs, keep fueling our fantasies by giving the very yummy DEANNA the meaty roles she richly deserves.” - From The Gorno Blog

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